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Dreaming of that perfect vacation, want to go back home or just need to rent a car for the week? Yanzo is your one-stop shop for all of that!

Travel & Tours

Traveling has never been easier with Yanzo! Sit back and relax while we find the perfect flight, book the perfect tour and give you an experience you will never forget, before you even leave your home!


Looking for that hidden getaway or just need a break from the busy city, Yanzo will find and book the perfect accommodation for you, suited to your personal needs!


Whether you are looking to rent a car for a week, feel like trying a jet ski, would like to experience a formula 1 drive, or even fly a plane! Yanzo is all you need!


That is what a personal assistant is for, right? A sports game, a concert, an event or anything in between, if its happening, we will get you there!

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